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Jody Lewen
Amy Jamgochian
Chief Academic Officer
Corey McNeil
Alumni Affairs Associate
Makenzie Means
Development Director
Denisse Manrique
Development and Community Outreach Manager
Jacob Kernodle
Jen Juras
Chief of Institutional Effectiveness and Research
Kirsten Pickering
Senior Researcher for Policy and Practice
Mauricio Avello
Program Manager
Molly Parent
Communications and Public Information Director
Amy Shea
Writing Program Director
Richard Bonaru Richardson
Communications Associate
Carl Raybon
Program Clerk
Windy Franklin Martinez
Director of Advising and Student Services
Volker Kirchharz
Finance and Human Resources Manager
Bekki Lee-Wendt
Chief of Staff
Carson Temple
Development Associate
Nandita Dinesh
Dean of Academic Administration
Frances Santiago 
Learning Specialist
Astrid Hoover-Batt
Institutional Effectiveness Manager
Sarah Manley
Humanities and Social Sciences Program Director
Zaw Min Htet
Math and Science Program Director
Danny Ho
Academic and Student Affairs Associate
Sasha Morozoff
Chief Operating Officer
Charles Crowe 
Program Clerk
Victor Olguin
Program Clerk

I am honored to share in Mount Tamalpais College’s work and mission, to witness the hope and possibility offered to incarcerated people, always with respect and compassion. Our students are eager to learn and to find new pathways for exploration. Our classrooms are lively spaces for rigorous learning and accomplishment, serving students who may never have had educational opportunities before.

Connie Krosney, EdD
Board Vice Chair
Professor of Education

My experience working with graduates of the program has completely changed my perception of the talent, drive, and potential of incarcerated students.

Lilly Fu
Board Treasurer
Senior Director of Finance and Administration
The George Lucas Educational Foundation

I support Mount Tamalpais College because its work is life-affirming, liberatory, and engenders dignity. I’m motivated to see this model expand beyond San Quentin.

Jeff Feinman
Board Chair
Chief of Partnerships
National Summer School Initiative

Mount Tamalpais College students are humbling with their thirst for learning. Society has left so many of them behind, but education is transforming them, helping them to realize their potential!

Theresa Roeder

Professor and Chair, Decision Sciences
San Francisco State University

Education opens a path for incarcerated people to move forward to self-respect, opportunity and fulfillment. Beyond that, education is proven to be the single most effective means of reducing recidivism. Thus, Mount Tamalpais College changes lives and is helping to change the world. Who would not support this work?

Larry Norton

Trustee Emeritus
California State University System

To instructors at Mount Tamalpais College, it becomes abundantly clear that our incarcerated students have vast potential and deep passion for their education. It is my hope and belief that the college courses offered enable our students to become change-agents for their communities and for our society more broadly.

Will Bondurant

Chief Financial Officer
Pareto Health

Mt. Tamalpais College is about equity; it sees no color, class, age, gender, criminal conviction, or infirmity. The learning environment, along with the education I received, transformed my life and placed me and so many others in a better position to succeed upon returning home.

Pat Mims

Reentry Success Center

Prison felt like a place where the objective was to remove the dignity of the people forced to live there. During my nearly 2 decades of incarceration, the only times that I felt like a dignified person and not a stereotypical prisoner, was when I was in a classroom being taught something. MTC is important because for many students this program is much bigger than an Associate’s Degree, for many, it’s a way to regain a sense of normalcy. And words can’t describe how important it is to feel normal when incarcerated.

Sha Stepter

Slow And Steady Media

It is my privilege to serve on the governing board of Mount Tamalpais College. As a volunteer instructor over the years, I have drawn great inspiration from the students’ love and pursuit of learning. I have also come to be impressed with the passion, insight, experience, and dedication of the leadership, staff, and volunteers that make this learning possible. I look forward to working with and supporting them, and ultimately the students we all serve, as a trustee.

Daniel Stid
Board Secretary
Executive Director
Lyceum Labs

Education is not just about gaining knowledge, but also about shaping character and enabling individuals to make a positive impact. I am honored to serve Mt Tamalpais College, where we are committed to providing our students with a transformative educational experience that empowers them with dignity and opportunity.

Puneet Singh

Managing Director
EY Consulting

As someone committed to growth and betterment through learning, it is an honor to serve Mt. Tamalpais College while promoting the values of opportunity and access, independent and critical thinking, respectful dialog, and human dignity.

Zachary Bookman

OpenGov Inc

The vital role Mt. Tamalpais College plays in the lives of its students and alumni, and in turn the greater community is profound, and personally inspiring. I am honored to support Mt. Tamalpais College and feel fortunate to be a part of the MTC community.

Meredith Levy

Meredith Levy Design