Staff and Board

David Cowan
Director of Operations
Hannah Evans
Technical Assistance Coordinator
David Durand
Director of Student Affairs
Lauren Hall
Development and Communications Director
Marcus Williams
Office and Facilities Assistant
Makenzie Means
Development Manager
Corey McNeil
Program Clerk
Amy Jamgochian
Chief Academic Officer
Reed Goertler
Chief Operating Officer
Arthur Jackson
Program Clerk
Marvin Mutch
Program Assistant
Allison Lopez
Learning Specialist
Sharyl McGrew
Grants Officer
Jared Rothenberg
Communications Associate
Dmitriy Orlov
Office Manager
Jody Lewen
Wendy Quezada
Executive Assistant

What I love about Mount Tamalpais College is that it increases the number of people in the world who approach life with curiosity, confidence, and ambition, rather than with trepidation, resentment, or helplessness.”

Maddy Russell-Shapiro
Freelance Education Consultant

I am drawn to Mount Tamalpais College because  it resists the notion that some of us don’t deserve the transformative power of education and learning. I want nothing more than for our graduates to continue disrupting the status quo in criminal justice from within the walls of San Quentin, and beyond them.”

Patrice Berry

FUSE Corps Executive Advisor
Office of Mayor Libby Schaaf, City of Oakland

I’m honored to share in Mount Tamalpais College’s work. I have witnessed our program offering hope and possibility, along with dignity and respect, and often new ideas for incarcerated people.”

Connie Krosney, EdD
Professor of Education (Retired)

Mount Tamalpais College breathes hope into a system where many have unfairly labeled people as hopeless. As someone who has experienced first-hand the negative effects of having a father incarcerated, I know that giving someone the resources and support they need to be successful can make all of the difference.”

Elana Leoni

Founder and CEO
Leoni Consulting Group LLC

Mount Tamalpais College takes the simple proposition that all students deserve a quality education and extends it to those most overlooked. Creating an environment that challenges students to make connections to the world outside the classroom, the program provides space for dynamic conversations, while building students’ confidence in their own abilities.”

Haley Pollack, PhD

Director of College and Career Pathways
Five Keys Schools and Programs

To instructors at Mount Tamalpais College, it becomes abundantly clear that our incarcerated students have vast potential and deep passion for their education. It is my hope and belief that the college courses offered enable our students to become change-agents for their communities and for our society more broadly.”

Will Bondurant

Chief Financial Officer
Castlight Health

My experience working with graduates of the program has completely changed my perception of the talent, drive, and potential of incarcerated students.”

Lilly Fu
Senior Director of Finance and Administration
The George Lucas Education Foundation

Anyone who meets the students of Mount Tamalpais College is inspired by their commitment to using education to improve themselves and their community. They are the leaders of the criminal justice reform movement. Come see for yourself!”

James Dyett

Head of Product Sales and Payments Optimization

Education opens a path for incarcerated people to move forward to self-respect, opportunity and fulfillment. Beyond that, education is proven to be the single most effective means of reducing recidivism. Thus, Mount Tamalpais College changes lives and is helping to change the world. Who would not support this work?”

Larry Norton

Trustee Emeritus
California State University System

We’ve become adept at throwing certain people away, depriving society of their unique gifts and wisdom. Mount Tamalpais College reaffirms the humanity and incredible potential of hundreds of ‘thrown away’ students.”

Sia Henry, JD

Senior Program Specialist
Impact Justice

Mount Tamalpais College changed my life. I have witnessed how education brings hope to the hopeless, a voice to the voiceless and opportunity to those who seek it out.”

Aly Tamboura

Prison University Project Alumnus, Manager of Technology and Program Delivery
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

I support Mount Tamalpais College because its work is life-affirming, liberatory, and engenders dignity. I’m motivated to see this model expand beyond San Quentin.”

Jeff Feinman

Vice President of Partnerships
Springboard Collaborative

Mount Tamalpais College students are humbling with their thirst for learning. Society has left so many of them behind, but education is transforming them, helping them to realize their potential!”

Theresa Roeder

Professor of Decision Sciences
San Francisco State University

Working with San Quentin students who are eagerly engaging in their education is inspiring and humbling because it demonstrates what is possible when the rehabilitation part of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is taken seriously.”

Kathy Richards, JD
Board of Parole Hearings Attorney Panel for San Quentin
Sean Mendy
Entrepreneur in Residence
Sixth Street Partners, Founder of Concrete Rose Capital
Timothy White
California State University System
Scott Kernan
LEO Technologies, former California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary
Jennifer Lyons
UC Berkeley
Jennifer Eberhardt
Social Psychologist
Stanford University
Rich Lyons
Former Dean and Cronk Professor
Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
David Stiepleman
Co-Founding Partner, COO
Sixth Street Partners
Loni Hancock
Assemblymember (retired)
California State Assembly