Advocating for Our Students and Incarcerated People During COVID-19

Like all academic institutions, our concern for our students extends far beyond the classroom. COVID-19 has created a profound crisis for our community on multiple levels. All non-essential programs including college classes have been suspended. Medically the prison population is extremely vulnerable, and the prison environment makes containment extremely difficult. The updates below detail how we are working to protect the health and safety of our students, and the larger prison community, during this unprecedented time. While we are not currently running programs, we still encourage interested prospective faculty to submit materials to be in our faculty pool. You will be placed on our mailing list and contacted when programming resumes.

October 14: Update from the President

Fall Program Update

Our COVID-19 Response Initiative for the Incarcerated Community in California

From the Archive

MTC student, Juan Haines

Student Juan Moreno Haines on COVID-19 Inside San Quentin

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MTC volunteers delivering Covid-19 care packages to Avenal State Prison

Care Packages Delivered to Avenal State Prison

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July 9: Update from the President on COVID-19

Inside the cell block at San Quentin State Prison

The View From Inside San Quentin State Prison

Exterior of San Quentin State Prison

How Can You Help People in Prison Right Now?

MTC students and alumni

Students and Alumni Respond to COVID-19

June 18: Update from the President

Voices from Inside

David Cowan on Reentry Support During COVID-19

March 29: Update from the President on COVID-19

March 17: Update from the President on COVID-19