Coronavirus Covid-19 Protection and Vaccine. Doctor drawing up solution from vaccine bottle and filling syringe injection for patient vaccination in medical clinic, Coronavirus in background

Community Dialogs: COVID-19 Vaccination and the Incarcerated Community on February 25

By Mount Tamalpais College | February 17, 2021

We are excited to announce our next Community Dialogs event, COVID-19 Vaccination and the Incarcerated Community. This free event will be held over Zoom on Thursday, February 25, 6:30pm–7:45pm PST. More details about the event are below.


TOMORROW! @AmendatUCSF Director of Health Education @GeriPowerMD joins legal voices and community advocacy specialists to discuss vaccine hesitancy and best practices to combat mistrust of #healthcare providers in corrections settings. @MtTamCollege

Join Nigel and @MtTamCollege tomorrow, Feb 25, for an online panel discussion about COVID-19 vaccinations and California's incarcerated community, and efforts to provide accurate health information during the pandemic. Details at

Join us on Thursday evening for a free virtual event on COVID-19 vaccination and the incarcerated community.