NCHEP 2018

Introducing Our New Director of Student Affairs

By Mount Tamalpais College | September 5, 2019

We are thrilled to welcome David Durand as our new Director of Student Affairs.

David Durand is a staunch believer in the notion that everyone deserves a quality education. Since 2004, David has involved himself in professional roles across the U.S. and in Haiti that aim to provide meaningful education and career development for students whose life experiences moved them away from traditional academic paths. David’s main area of interest focuses on utilizing education to decrease recidivism for students of all ages. This stems from his upbringing where, as a young person, many of his peers were caught in the school/prison nexus. After experiencing a profoundly moving semester as an English 99 Instructor, David is beyond excited to join the PUP team in this critical stage of the organization’s history. David holds a BA in French from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an MA in Education, Leadership, and Change from Antioch University, Los Angeles. In his free time, David is active with his wife and sons exploring nature, playing guitar, or falling with grace on skateboards.

Please note that the Prison University Project became Mount Tamalpais College in September 2020.


It's been a rough few weeks in terms of media layoffs so I want to flag a job I'm helping hire for: @prisonjourn, which trains incarcerated people as journalists and helps them get published, is hiring a managing editor to run all of its editorial strategy

Teaching @StanfordLaw students alongside incarcerated students at @MtTamCollege in #SanQuentin was a highlight of the year—with hopefully more to come!

A fascinating glimpse at the history of higher education at San Quentin! While many hurdles still exist when running a college with a prison as its campus, at least we no longer have to "copy, stencil, and mimeograph" course materials to bring them inside.