Spring 2023 Course Offerings

By Mount Tamalpais College | January 30, 2023

Our Spring semester launched on January 13 and we are thrilled to have students and faculty back on campus. Our Spring 2023 course offerings are below along with instructors and faculty. To our faculty, and tutors, we are always humbled and honored for your support and dedication to our students. Inspired to join us? Click here to learn more about how to teach or tutor at Mount Tamalpais College.

COM 146: Communications

Theresa Roeder, Will Bondurant, and Alex Naeve

ENG 101A: Reading and Composition

Susan Hirsch 

ENG 101B: Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing

Daniel Bresnahan and Justine Juson

ENG 102: Introduction to Literature

Jim Bowsher

ENG 204: Interdisciplinary Reading, Writing and Research

Leasa Graves and Rick Ayers

ENG 99A: Developmental English I

Natasha Haugnes, Mindy Ariowitsch, Jeff Magnin, and Kelly Smith

ENG 99B-1: Developmental English II

Austin Dannhaus

ENG 99B-2: Developmental English II

Matt Culler and Lara Durback

HED 220: Introduction to Public Health

Izzy Routledge and Madeline Adee

LA 99-1: Introduction to College

Ben Fils

LA 99-2: Introduction to College

Danielle Gurian

LA 99-3: Introduction to College

Windy Franklin Martinez

MTH 115: Intermediate Algebra

Zaw Htet, Andrew Tricker, and Mia Ihm

MTH 135: Statistics

Drew Behnke

MTH 50A: Developmental Math I

David Wong, Martha Gould, and Chad Harper

MTH 50B: Developmental Math II

Jean Chadbourne, Billy Morrison, and Grant P. Wilson

MTH 99: Elementary Algebra

Nathan Yoshino, Kyle Ritchie, Noam Prywes, and Jorge Rodriguez

PHL 270: Ethics

Bill Smoot

POL 241: American Government

Ian Sethre

PSY 255: Child Growth and Development

David Weissman

SPA 102: Elementary Spanish II

Suzanne Jones, Karol Alzate Londono and Eva Diez

SSC 202: Comparative Religion

Rita Lucarelli and Olivier Organista